User guide

User Defined Attributes

Attributes are customized data fields which users can associate with various documents/masters. These attributes can be employed across all iReckoner modules. Attributes contain information that is specific to the document/master. For example, a Cheque Number field can be defined as an attribute associated with a bank voucher.
If an attribute is set active and is defined in the template then during document entry the attribute will appear on the Attribute tab screen. If an attribute is defined as mandatory, then while entering the document, a null value for the Attribute will not be allowed. If the Start Range and End Range are defined for an Attribute then at time of entry, value entered for that attribute is checked with the value specified in the range. For example, in a Bank Payment voucher, the attribute you have defined is Cheque Number and you have specified the series of cheque numbers in the start and end range. So when you will enter cheque number in this particular type of voucher, the system would check that the value you have entered fall within the range specified.
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