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BOM Definition

Bill of materials is a detailed listing of all components (materials) required to produce a single unit of finished goods. iReckoner uses BOM definition for calculation of material requirement for the production of the finished goods.
iReckoner supports hierarchical BOM (like main BOM attached with the final product and an intermediate BOM with semi-finished product). Single-level refer that the finished product can be built up from the components given. If the component is multi-level, it means that it will have it individual BOM structure. When a BOM for a sub component (multilevel) is defined it is referred as intermediate BOM.
A Product can be associated with several BOMs providing different alternatives (as product may be produced multiple ways using different raw materials at different times) which may be specific to a particular customer or to a Production Unit Group.
This interface allows a user to enter the list of components needed to make a product, and information regarding different Items like quantity, unit of measure, etc.