iReckoner Production Management

Helps you optimize your entire manufacturing process with reduced manufacturing cost.

iReckoner Production Management

Ensures effective planning, execution and control activities for process-oriented manufacturing

Create and track production orders

Online authorization of documents

Keep track of the consumption

Multi-level bill of materials

Shop floor control

Reports and dashboards with real time data

iReckoner Production comprises of


Production Order

  • Shop floor/ Process Flow management through Production Order, Schedule and Job confirmations
  • Decide the plant in which the material is to be produced
  • Analysis of actual v/s planned production

Production Requisition

  • An internal document to notify the stock department of items the other department needs to order, their quantity, required date and delivery date
  • Predict material requirements for production orders and future production

Production Confirmation

  • Confirm the production order
  • Prioritize tasks in order to deliver an on-time high quality product

Production Consumption

  • Keep track of the stock consumed

Stock Transfer In

  • Keep track of stock transferred in all your warehouses
  • Updates the stock after every transfer

Stock Transfer Out

  • Check stock levels and keep track of stock that is consumed
  • Updates the stock when stock is consumed


  • All the data you need at your fingertips.
  • Assists you to visually analyze your stock level and production orders to take informed decisions.
  • Reports are in Grid and Pivot view format which provides lot of flexibility to user to view data as per his convenience.