iReckoner Finance Management

Get an able assistant in iReckoner Financials.

iReckoner Finance Management

Keep control of your global finances

Record your operations and manage all financial activities

Integrated solution to streamline all of the accounting and financial processes

Control supplier invoices and get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.

Flexible statements on Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense for weekly, monthly and yearly periods.

Produce greater insights into costs and operational performance across the organization.

iReckoner Finance comprises of


Opening Balance Voucher

Journel Voucher

  • Prepare Journel Voucher for recording financial activity.
  • Manually records all of your accounting transactions as they occur
  • Mainly used for record keeping and auditing purposes

Payment Voucher

  • Can be used as proof that a monetary transaction has occurred between two parties

Receipt Voucher

  • Prepare receipt voucher for all the money received by the business firm
  • Prepare receipt voucher for all the money received by the business firm

Template Voucher

PDC Payment Voucher

  • Making easy for the recipient as by PDC payment voucher helps to encash on a future date

PDC Receipt Voucher


  • Provides information and analysis on all financial activities in the areas of accounting, finance, comparative analysis, and budgeting.
  • Powerful and flexible financial reporting software that transforms the day-to-day financial tracking software into a resource for real business value.
  • Retrieve online reports for better, faster, more informed decisions
  • Quickly access information through on-screen inquiries