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Frequently Asked Questions (User Type)
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Q: Sales order has been authorised with a wrong item selected. Despatch has also been generated. The error was identified only at the time of invoicing. How can we rectify this error?

A: Once a despatch has been entered, a sales order cannot be closed or revised. Also material would have been automatically issued from stores on authorising the despatch. The only alternative now is to enter a sales return document (which should have been defined). The sales return document will enter a reverse transaction and generate the material receipt as well to take the issued items back into stock. Since the sales return process also generates a reversal entry in accounts, you may as well generate the sales voucher from the incorrect invoice for proper reconciliation
Q: Who all can modify the Voucher?
Q: What is the use and advantage of Menu Customisation tool in Reckoner?
Q: What if a Userís password needs to be changed?
Q: Can the number of Users defined be more than the number of Users permitted by the software license?
Q: When I logged on to Reckoner the first time with my own login Id the system allowed me to grant permission to myself. Why?

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