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Frequently Asked Questions (Technical Type)
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Q: How can we restrict Reckoner users from generating orders to the supplier whose previous records are not worth keeping further dealings with them?

A: Reckoner allows the User to assign some status to the Supplier based on which the transactions could be caried or stoppped with that supplier accordingly. Supplier status could be 'Open', 'Purge Transaction' or 'Blocked'. Transactions with the supplier are done if the status is open. Blocked refers to the status where transactions with the suppliers are closed temporarily due to some misunderstanding between the supplier and the company. Purge Transaction means that no further transactions would be carried out with the specific supplier in future.
Q: How do we maintain the database of the Vendors and Customers (personal information) of our company through Reckoner?
Q: Does Reckoner allows to maintain any restriction on the size of order for each Material or for each vendor?
Q: What is UOM? How de we define UOM in Reckoner?
Q: What does the 3 Structures: Stock group-Stock Type -Stock Category mean?
Q: What do we mean by Item code? What kind of Code can be assigned to an Item? What is the purpose of using Item Code?

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