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Frequently Asked Questions (Product Features Type)
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Q: Why do we say that Reckoner is a Multi-Company Multi-User System?

A: Reckoner is a multi-company multi-user system. At a given time, only one company is active for a user. If a user has to perform any action in another company, he has to switch to that company using this option. The last selected company is set as default when he logs in the next time. For example, if a user holds posts in more than one company (say in A and B), he has access rights in both companies. Lets say, the user is currently working in company A. Now he wants to perform certain actions in company B. He can do this without re-starting or re-logging in. User has to simply select the working company (in this case company B) from Core ->Select Working Company.
Q: What all other information does Reckoner keep track of about the Vendor?
Q: Does Reckoner provides any special marks that the Items bear on them as a mark of identification?
Q: Does reckoner have any facility such that a person can approve a document before it is finally posted?
Q: Does Reckoner allow excess and short receipt of materials?
Q: Does Reckoner allow to maintain and monitor various lead times?
Q: Does Reckoner support Cycle count Frequency?

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