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Frequently Asked Questions (Process Type)
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Q: What does Reckoner Account Ledger displays?

A: In ledgers an organization records all the accounting transactions it transacts with all external entities , in form of ledger accounts , each individual or group of external entities (say customers or the suppliers ) is given an account name and some sheets of ledger called ledger folio. To view an ledger account of any of the external entity (suppliers , bank or customers ) or any of internal accounts (Assets accounts , Expense accounts or Income accounts) of the organization in Reckoner. Click on Ledger sub Menu of Reports, Following screen will pop up where in you can select an account whose ledger you want to view. On double - click on an account or after selecting and clicking OK , following screen will come up with ledger of the specified account.
Q: What does Reckoner Account List displays?
Q: What does Reckoner Group List displays?
Q: How can we enter the Recurring Vouchers?
Q: What is the procedure of Voucher resubmission and what all vouchers can be resubmitted?
Q: What is the procedure of Voucher Cancellation?
Q: What is the procedure of Voucher modification?
Q: Explain the concept of Voucher Authorisation / Rejection?
Q: What is the use and significance of Voucher Browser?
Q: What is the use & significance of the Voucher Definition?

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