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Frequently Asked Questions (General Type)
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Q: What does Reckoner Cost Accounting system aims at?

A: Reckoner Cost accounting system aims primarily to serve the information needs of management for planing, control and decision making. It is a system that accumulates costs, assigns them to cost objectives, i.e. products, jobs, processes, etc. and reports cost information. It helps in determination of product costs, facilitates planning and control of regular business activities and supplies information for short and long run decisions.Reckoner cost accounting system supports various methods of costing such as job costing, batch costing, process costing etc. Organizations may be able to choose the appropriate costing system, depending upon their type of industry and manufacturing process. This system allows definition of cost centers in a hierarchical structure. Users can allocate costs to these cost centers by using cost documents for different cost transactions. These cost documents are often automatically generated because of its tight integration with other Reckoner modules. This system also allows identification of costs under different cost heads such as direct materials, direct labour etc. Optionally costs can also be tracked for different activities to accommodate activity based costing.
Q: What is ERP?

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