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Frequently Asked Questions (functional Type)
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Q: What does Reckoner Trial Balance displays?

A: Trial balance is an analytic tool to check the accuracy of account procedure , and a basis for generation of final accounts . In order to view trail balance , Select the trail balance option of the menu option Accounts. A Dialogue box prompting you for the period for which you want to view the Trail Balance, will come up on specifying the correct and valid date range following process bar will pop up which will show the accounts that are being processed ,after the process is over , this process bar goes and the screen with trial balance will come up. Trial Balance is similar to Chart of Accounts , showing the balances of starting from top level groups (i.e. Assets, Income, Expense and Liability ) to default three level To further expand or collapse double click on the group and so on till you reach to the to the accounts level , in this manner you can always have group level trail balance as well account level trial balance. Trial Balance displays Information like Opening Balance as on start date of date range specified. Credits and Debits during the period and current balance as on end date of date range specified.
Q: What does Reckoner Group/SubLedger displays?
Q: Can all vouchers be printed and from which interface can we print the vouchers?
Q: What is the concept of debit credit transaction entry in Voucher Entry in Reckoner financials?
Q: What all functions can we perform with the Groups in Reckoner Chart Of Accounts?
Q: How do we create Chart of Accounts?
Q: Is there any tool through which we can view that how many documents have been created against a Document type defined in definitions during a specific period of time?
Q: What is the use of Function Chart?
Q: What is the significance of Grant & Revoke function
Q: How can we execute Queries in Query Registration and view & save the results of the same?

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