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CR Register (ALL) for the financial year 2006-2007
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CR.Date CR.No Module Type Change Desc Open By Assgn To Assgn date
12/09/2006 AS003799  eMaterial S1  In eReckoner client application, the unit accessibililty has been enabled in GRIN Browser. But the type of GRIN is coming extra in drop down in GRIN browser  Dileep  Kumar Charanjeev  Kaur 12/09/2006 
03/08/2006 AS003756  eMaterial EN  Include a column Manufacturer Lot No in GRN entry. That column should be editable and will bring the value from column of inst_lot_id of table t_inv_stock_transaction. Column should be added before 'Remarks' column and after 'Net Rate'.  Tarique  Eqbal Charanjeev  Kaur 03/08/2006 
26/07/2006 AS003713  eMaterial T1   Inspection Test Comparision Report A new report is required in the reckoner material module .This report will show the lotwise receipt and issue of the material with lot wise balance.It will also show the inspection results associated with the lot and original lot no. Path : Material > Inspection > Inspection Test Comparision Report  Tarique  Eqbal Charanjeev  Kaur 26/07/2006 
26/07/2006 AS003712  eMaterial T1  Make new report"Stock ledger with inspection detasils" as per reckoner A new report is required in the eReckoner-->Material-->Report ->Stock Quantity Reports->Stock Ledger with Inspection Details . This report will show the inspection results of the original lot as well as new lot generated by the system on stock transfer. If the inspection results entered again with new lot, these results also should come in the report. If new lot does not have any inspection results, report will show the inspection result of the original lot only.  Tarique  Eqbal Charanjeev  Kaur 26/07/2006 
10/07/2006 AS003708  eClient EN  Unit Accessibility to be enabled in eClient Browser & Report =============================================== In eReckoner client application, the unit accessibililty is enabled for document entries only. In reports and browsers, all the units are available irrespective of the unit accessibility for the user logged in. Incorporate unit accessibility in GRIN Browser.  Pradeep  Kumar Charanjeev  Kaur 10/07/2006 
18/05/2006 AS003664  eMaterial S1  Page is not displaying in "Detail Inspection Report" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Path : Material > Inspection > Detail Inspection Report Error Type: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14) [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ')'. Browser Type: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0; browser) Page: GET /eTestNew/purchase/pr_dt_inspt_reg.htm  Tarique  Eqbal Charanjeev  Kaur 18/05/2006 
16/05/2006 AS003660  eMaterial S1  Enabling links and sorting of "page cannot be displayed" error PATH: materials->Challan->Delivery Tracking Report DESC: 1. link of GRIN and Item desc not working 2. page cannot be displayed in BAIL  Tarique  Eqbal Charanjeev  Kaur 16/05/2006 
16/05/2006 AS003658  eMaterial S1  addition of class,msg,link etc and thus making a report complete. DESC: 1. No page displayed on the item link in Pending Requisition Report. 2. No msg displayed in case no records present in Pending Indent Analysis Report. 3.As page refreshed,"ALL" displayed in PO Browser. 4. Class(Look & Feel) not defined for PO No in Purchase Order Analysis Report  Tarique  Eqbal Charanjeev  Kaur 16/05/2006 
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