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  • Working with Reckoner
Working with Reckoner
Reckoner4 has been designed with the objective of empowering the user to perform his or her tasks quickly and efficiently – the system therefore provides a common interface for users across all functional areas. Every user from the operator level to the top management needs the knowledge of a maximum of four basic screens.
The first set of screens is the interface where the source information is keyed into the system. This will typically be used by users for creating documents.
The second set of screens, are the document browsers. These are document libraries available across modules, which can be accessed for both viewing and performing actions. It will be used for authorizing and modifying documents by senior users like: Purchase manager, store manager etc.
The third set of screens, are the entity browsers. These are information managers available across modules and are a useful tool for analysis. They give a snapshot view of the entire organization as of any instant. User can use this browser to be able to drill down any event right up to the leaf level.
The fourth set of screens, are reports, which have been designed for your specific requirement.