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  • Reckoner4 Interface
Reckoner4 Interface
 Menu Bar
The Reckoner Menu Bar consists of the menu options of the Reckoner modules – Definitions, SCM (Sales, Purchase, Inventory), Manufacturing, Finance, Quality, Human Resource, Tools and some sub modules. Definitions menu contains the Definitions for the various modules along with the System Definitions.
Tabs are like pages. You can flip through these pages by clicking on the desired tab page.
 Input field
Reckoner user interface has input fields where users enter the required data. In some cases relevant window will pop up and user will choose the relevant information (item or party or information) by just click on the block. Information will be selected by the users.
The Reckoner Tool Bar consists of shortcuts to various options available on the Reckoner Screen.
The following are the Tool Bar options:
Close: This icon closes the current window open in the Reckoner.
Print: The Print option enables the user to print the report or document he is viewing.  The Print Dialog box lets the user select his print settings.
Back & forward Buttons: The Back and forward buttons help the user to change the time period and scroll the reports.
Modify: Modify button is used when user wants to modify any particular document.
PDF, MS WORD, MS EXCEL, XML:  User can download the reports or the document into the desired format using any of the formats.
Reset : Reset buttons can be used to reset the document.
Send Mail: Send mail button can used if user wants to send the document or reports using mail.
Find: Find button can used to find any document or any entry.
Who Am I: This button will give information of the user like user ID, Name, Web service, database Login Time etc..
Exit: Exit can be used to exit from the application.
 Left Frame
The left frame contains document type (Menu items).
 Right Frame
The right frame is for details or the information.
 Detailed data window
This contains the transaction level information of the document. To add or delete a row right click in this pane. Select the appropriate option from      the  pop up menu that appears when you right click the mouse here.