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  • Logon to Reckoner4
Logon to Reckoner4
The Log-on Screen consists of three fields, where the user has to enter the User ID (assigned to the user by the System Administrator), Password, ClientID  i.e. selection of the database on which the application is to run and Profile. Click on Login button to proceed.
Invalid User ID or Password will not allow running the Reckoner Application. User ID is like the identity of the user in the system. It is also used as the signature of the user. Password is the key to Reckoner. Although it is optional but it is recommended to set the password. The System Administrator does this work of assigning the password for the first time and then the user can change their password from the Change Password option as and when required. Nobody, including the System Administrator can know your password as the password is stored in an encrypted form, though in certain cases he has the right to change your password.
The ‘SA’ is System Administrator’s ID. If you are running Reckoner for the first time you have to login as ‘SA’. Enter the password and click on OK.
Log-on to Reckoner serves as first level security provided in the system. This Log-on information, that is, user id decides the security and access level for various functions across modules. This user id is used as the signature for signing the document. The initiator of the document is automatically updated based upon the user id. It is also used for downloading the Reckoner mail messages and documents.