User guide
  • Introduction
Welcome to Reckoner4 from Ascomp Technologies. Your organization has chosen to install a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning System, which will integrate all the activities of your organization and make information-flow and decision-making faster and more accurate.
The ERP system will assist you through an efficient management of data, which is routed through pre-determined processes, which have been identified and mapped to the system.
If you are using this help through the Reckoner4 application (it is also a part of the printed User Manual), then you have already logged-on to the system. You can access this help at any time, from whichever screen you are working on.
Reckoner4 ERP is not a software alone. It is a solution, which has been uniquely integrated into your organization through a complex procedure of definitions, which customizes the software part to suit the needs of your enterprise. The ERP system is flexible – as your needs change, so can the software (changes though can be performed only with necessary authorization, which are defined in the system).