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Payable Ageing ReportAs of Date :17 Nov 2006
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Account Name Total Amount. UnAdjusted. Dr. Amt. Not Due  0 - 30 Days 30-60 Days 60-90 Days 90-120 Days 120 - Beyond Days
XKYOGA COTTON LTD. (DR.)0.00  Cr1,300,,300,000.00
XBRITANIA COSMETICS LTD. (DR.)9,542,710.00  Cr740,,282,847.00
DAWSON HOLDINGS LTD. (DR.)4,200,000.00  Cr5,835,742.,035,742.00
HOUSE OF DAWDA (U) LTD (DR.)4,083,719,426.30  Cr754,351,564.890.,838,070,991.19
MASABA COTTON COMPANY LTD. (DR.)2,372,550.00  Cr37,046,693.,419,243.00
MOMBASA SALT WORKS LTD. (DR.)5,848,095.20  Cr22,595,461.700.,443,556.90
UGANDA PHARMACEUTICALS (1996) LTD. (DR.)41,787,780.10  Dr316,976,,188,341.00
VIVI PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. (DR.)10,150,000.00  Cr8,005,650.,155,650.00
XGLOBAL DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED (DR.)0.00  Cr19,142,718.350.,142,718.35
FACTORY CASH SALES112,857.11  Dr78,723,,610,200.00
VICTORIA CARRIERS (DR.)20,000.00  Cr0.,000.00
MASAABA COTTON GINNERY PROJECT (DR.)55,475,177.00  Dr175,486,,011,025.00
VICTORIA CARRIERS LTD., KISUMU (DR.)0.00  Cr70,448.,448.00
VICTORIA DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (DR.)1,162,572.00  Cr29,174,,336,758.00
GLOBAL ALLIED INDUSTRIES LTD.880,997,881.46  Dr2,430,377,639.,549,379,757.59
GLOABAL ALLIED INDUSTRIES CAPITAL A/C383,675,000.00  Dr1,646,734,800.,263,059,800.00
XUNIVERSAL HUMAN SERVICE TRUST (CR.)1,200,000.00  Cr0.,200,000.00
VISCONS LTD. (CR.)1,073,907.00  Dr34,233,,159,342.00
XVICTORIA DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (CR.)13,069,593.00  Cr0.,069,593.00
XDAWSON HOLDINGS LTD. (CR.)2,951,938.00  Dr2,951,938.
XVAN BRINK4,100,000.00  Dr4,100,
Total:2,761,110,405.83  Cr5,567,845,607.,328,956,013.03