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Day Book For the month of Nov 2002
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Financial Year :  Voucher Type :   Status :  
Date Voucher.No Dest.Unit Account.Name Subledger Narration Debit Credit Status
21 Nov 2002 02BR00000366Bundi unitDEBTORS DOCA.K.POULTRY PRODUCT 0.002,000.00Just Entered
   SBBJ, BUNDI (CASH CREDIT A/C.)  2,000.000.00 
 02BR00000367 DEBTORS DOCA.M.TRADERS 0.003,000.00Just Entered
   SBBJ, BUNDI (CASH CREDIT A/C.)  3,000.000.00 
 JV0211000001 ADM BLOCK  300.000.00Just Entered
     Balance C/F5,300.005,300.00 
25 Nov 2002 02BP00000833Bundi unitADVANCE FROM CUSTOMERMAA DURGA TRADERS SECURITY 200.000.00Just Entered
   E.T.P. REPAIR & MAINT.  300.000.00 
   SBBJ, BUNDI (CASH CREDIT A/C.) for the vision international0.00500.00 
     Balance C/F500.00500.00 
     Balance C/F5,800.005,800.00 
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