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Balance Sheet
(ACCUMULATED DEPRECIATION) for the financial year 2006-2006
 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec (All) Financial Year:     GO   
Name Schedule Cr/Dr Total
Administration and Establishment (Note 17)   
   Staff Cost   
   Office and General Expenses   
   Repairs and Maintenance   
   Communication and Other Utilities   
   Audit Fees   
   Legal and Professional Expenses   
   Cash Losses   
   Amortisation of Pre-operative Expenses   
   Difference in Opening Balance   
Amount due to Group Cos. (Note 6)   
   Lake Kyoga Cotton Co Ltd.   
   Britania Cosmetics Ltd.   
   Britania Foods (U) Ltd.   
   Dawda Cotton Co. Ltd.   
   Dawsons Holding Ltd.   
   Dawsons Food Products   
   Global Distributors Ltd.   
   House of Dawda (T) Ltd.   
   Jambo Biscuits Ltd.   
   Masaaba Cotton Co. Ltd.   
   Mombasa Salt Works Ltd.   
   Uganda Pharmaceuticals (1996) Ltd.   
   Vicsons Ltd.   
   VIVI Pharmaceuticals Ltd.   
   VDL Duties A/c   
Amounts due to Group Cos. (Note 13)   
   Britania Packings Ltd   
   Britania Plastics Ltd   
   Human Services Trust   
   Vicsons Ltd.   
   Victoria Distributors Ltd.   
Balance Sheet   
         Fixed Assets   
         Pre-Operating Expenses   
         Trade and Other Debtors   
         Amount due from Group Co.   
         Cash and Bank   
         Share Capital   
         Finance Lease   
         Bank Overdraft   
         Finance Leases   
         Current Portion of Loans   
         Trade and Other Creditors   
         Amount due to Group Cos.   
Bank Overdraft (Note 11)   
   Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd   
   National Bank of Commerce   
Cost of Sales (Note 15)   
   Cost of Goods Manufactured   
   (Increase)/Decrease in Finished Goods   
Finance Lease (Note 9)   
   Uganda Leasing Co. Ltd.   
   East African Development Bank   
Fixed Assets (Note 2)   
Loans (Note 10)   
   Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd.   
   Shareholder's Loans   
Net Finance Cost (Note 19)   
   Bank Charges   
   Interest on Loans   
Other Income (Note 16)   
   Miscellaneous Income   
   Loss on Disposal and write off of Fixed Assets   
   Exchange loss   
Pre-operating Expenses (Note 3)   
   Pre-operating Expenses   
Profit and Loss A/c   
   Cost of Sales   
   Other Income   
      Administration and establishment   
      Selling and Distribution   
   Net Finance Costs   
   Profit from Continuing Operations   
Profit from Continuing Operations (Note 20)   
Reserves (Note 8)   
   Profit and Loss   
   Revaluation Reserves   
Sales (Note 14)   
   Biscuit Sales   
   Confectionery Sales   
   Sales of Traded Goods   
Selling and Distribution (Note 18)   
   Sales Promotion   
   Motor Running Expenses   
   Distribution Expenses   
   Provision for Specific Bad Debts   
Share Capital (Note 7)   
   Authorized Issued and Paid Up Capital   
Stocks (Note 4)   
   Raw Materials   
   Packing Materials   
   Finished Goods   
   Stores and Spares   
Trade and Other Creditors (Note 12)   
   Trade Creditors   
   Other Accounts Payable   
Trade and Other Debtors (Note 5)   
   Trade Debtors   
   Due from Directors   
   Other Debtors   
   Tax Deposits