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COA Balance sheet (ASSETS) for the month of Nov 2002
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Financial Year :    Chart Of Account :    
Group/Account Name Closing Balance
ASSETS511,594,535.41 Dr
   FIXED ASSETS180,165,385.40 Dr
      GROSS BLOCK162,300,875.88 Dr
         Land7,991,859.00 Dr
            LAND PURCHASE7,991,859.00 Dr
         Plant & machinery115,182,449.35 Dr
               ACID OIL PLANT1,132,970.00 Dr
               BOILER HOUSE977,982.87 Dr
               D.G SET INSURABLE ITEM32,565.92 Dr
               DG HEAT RECOVERY PLANT1,124,256.81 Dr
               E T P2,432,696.34 Dr
               LABORATORY EQUIPMENT.711,008.00 Dr
               OIL PACKAGING1,666,584.00 Dr
               PLANT & MACHINERY103,577,811.75 Dr
               PREPRATORY1,179,195.01 Dr
               REFINERY1,929,041.17 Dr
               S.E.P86,079.50 Dr
               TUBE WELL BORING135,325.98 Dr
               WEIGHING SCALE13,522.00 Dr
               WORK SHOP183,410.00 Dr
         Buildings25,846,505.85 Dr
                  ADM BLOCK300.00 Cr
                  BUILDING A/C23,410,554.95 Dr
                  LEASE HOLD IMPRUVEMENT1,328,701.99 Dr
                  QUARTERS1,107,548.91 Dr
         Boundry wall1,131,824.01 Dr
                     BOUNDARY WALL A/C1,131,824.01 Dr
         Road2,949,049.81 Dr
                        ROAD WORKS2,949,049.81 Dr
         Vehicles4,206,812.28 Dr
                           VEHICLE A/C4,206,812.28 Dr
         Furniture and fixture675,787.00 Dr
                              FURNITURE A/C675,787.00 Dr
         Office equipment1,598,520.40 Dr
                                 GENERATER SET PURCHASE373,960.00 Dr
                                 OFFICE EQUIPMENT1,224,560.40 Dr
         EDP equipment2,718,068.18 Dr
                                    COMPUTERS1,100,078.18 Dr
                                    ERP PROJECT EXP.1,617,990.00 Dr
      CAPITAL WORK IN PROGRESS17,864,509.52 Dr
            Wip Building915,141.17 Dr
               WIP (GODOWN)915,141.17 Dr
            Wip plant16,949,368.35 Dr
                  CAPITAL WIP (PLANT)55,371.52 Dr
                  NEW PROJECT PURCHASE & OTHRE EXP A/C16,893,996.83 Dr
            WIP OTHERS0.00 Dr
   INVESTMENTS46,785.27 Dr
            INVESTMENT IN SHARES0.00 Dr
         GOVT SECURITIES46,785.27 Dr
               INVESTMENT IN GOVT SECURITIES46,785.27 Dr
                  FIXED DEPOSITE A/C SBI RATLAM35,000.00 Dr
                  FIXED DEPOSITS24,714.73 Cr
                  INVESTMENTS36,500.00 Dr
   CURRENT ASSETS331,110,964.74 Dr
            LOANS AND ADVANCES11,406,902.72 Dr
               LOANS TO COMPANIES0.00 Dr
               ADVANCES WITH SUPPLIERS0.00 Dr
               ADVANCES TO STAFF148,111.00 Dr
                        ADVANCE TO STAFF/WORKERS500.00 Cr
                        SALARY ADVANCE148,611.00 Dr
               STAFF IMPREST201,950.31 Dr
                           STAFF IMPREST201,950.31 Dr
                              CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT0.00 Dr
                              INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT0.00 Dr
                              EXCISE DEPARTMENT0.00 Dr
                              SALES TAX DEPARTMENT0.00 Dr
               OTHER ADVANCES2,455,856.83 Dr
                                 ADVANCE TO OTHERS200.00 Cr
                                 ADVANCE TO R.S.E.B.175,251.96 Dr
                                 BUNGE AGRI BUSINESS INDIA PVT LTD12.00 Dr
                                 C.T.O DUNGERPUR161,665.00 Dr
                                 C.T.O ANTY-EVISION KOTA1,242,662.00 Dr
                                 C.T.O ENTY-EVISION BHARTPUR83,850.00 Dr
                                 C.T.O.BUNDI614,887.00 Dr
                                 CHHOTELAL S/O JAGANNATH589,000.00 Dr
                                 DY REGISTRAR-LAND, BUNDI ( UNDER APPEAL)51,000.00 Dr
                                 FD INTT. ACCRUED BUT NOT DUE19,860.00 Dr
                                 GEEPEE CEVAL GROUP GRATUITY TRUST5,000.00 Dr
                                 INSURANCE CLAIM RECEIVABLE6,827.00 Dr
                                 POSTAGE(IMPREST)3,723.00 Dr
                                 PREPAID EXPENSESS83,302.00 Dr
                                 ROTARY CLUB BUNDI875.00 Dr
                                 S.R BATLIBOY647,692.00 Cr
                                 TDS RECEIVABLE65,833.87 Dr
               PREPAID EXPENSES2,341,886.58 Dr
                                    PREPAID EXP. -INSURANCE2,341,886.58 Dr
               SECURITY DEPOSITS4,441,718.00 Dr
                                       SECURITIES IN GOVT. DEPARTMENTS48,498.00 Dr
                                          SECURITY DEPOSIT TELE.DEPT.38,000.00 Dr
                                          SECURITY WITH OTHER10,498.00 Dr
                                       SECURITIES IN OTHERS4,393,220.00 Dr
                                             SECURITIES & DEPOSIT4,393,220.00 Dr
               ADVANCES TAXES 1,817,380.00 Dr
                                          ADVANCE INCOME TAX( 2000-2001)18,980.00 Dr
                                          ADVANCE INCOME TAX(2001-20021,798,400.00 Dr
            INVENTORY254,140,349.49 Dr
                  RAW MATERIAL110,413,894.00 Dr
                     STOCK RAPE SEED82,953,772.00 Dr
                     STOCK SOYA SEED27,460,122.00 Dr
                  FINISHED GOODS108,391,237.00 Dr
                        STOCK FINISHED GOODS108,391,237.00 Dr
                  STORES & SPARES9,016,587.79 Dr
                           PURCHASE OF GENERAL STORE2,229,555.79 Dr
                           STORES & SPARES (OP. BALANCE)6,787,032.00 Dr
                  PACKING MATERIAL5,453,947.00 Dr
                              STOCK BARDANA1,683,551.00 Dr
                              STOCK PACKING MATERIALES3,533,901.00 Dr
                              STOCK SELLING EXP A/C236,495.00 Dr
                  FUELS AND CHEMICALS18,773,803.70 Dr
                                 PURCHASE FULES & CHEMICAL15,723,497.70 Dr
                                 STOCK COAL344,563.00 Dr
                                 STOCK DIESEL292,600.00 Dr
                                 STOCK HEXANE1,337,530.00 Dr
                                 STOCK REFINERY CONSUMABLES1,075,613.00 Dr
                  STOCK IN PROCESS2,090,880.00 Dr
                                    STOCK BY-PRODUCTS157,800.00 Dr
                                    STOCK IN PROCESS1,933,080.00 Dr
                  STOCK BY-PRODUCTS0.00 Dr
            CASH & BANK BALANCES 1,091,248.40 Dr
                     BANK BALANCES905,120.50 Dr
                        BALANCES WITH SCHEDULED BANKS905,120.50 Dr
                           CASH CREDIT ACCOUNT850,070.50 Dr
                              SBBJ, BUNDI (CASH CREDIT A/C.)314,488.12 Dr
                              SBBJ, KOTA (CASH CREDIT A/C.)535,582.38 Dr
                           FIXED DEPOSITS ACCCOUNT0.00 Dr
                           CURRENT ACCOUNTS55,050.00 Dr
                                    STATE BANK OF BIKANER & JAIPUR RATLAM (A/C NO 912/338)52,250.00 Dr
                                    UCO BANK DEHLI2,800.00 Dr
                        BALANCES WITH OTHERS0.00 Dr
                     CASH IN HAND186,127.90 Dr
                           CASH IN HAND186,127.90 Dr
            SUNDRY DEBTORS64,472,464.13 Dr
                        DEBTOR CONSIGNMENT6,002,295.35 Dr
                        DEBTOR TRADING179,999.00 Dr
                        DEBTORS DOC1,183,502.26 Dr
                        DEBTORS GWALIOR DEPOT882,239.00 Dr
                        DEBTORS OIL56,214,745.70 Dr
                        DEBTORS OTHERS9,682.82 Dr
            OTHER CURRENT ASSETS0.00 Dr
                           INTEREST ACCRUED ON INVESTMENTS 0.00 Dr
                           INSURANCE CLAIM RECEIVABLES0.00 Dr
               PRELIMINARY EXPENSES271,400.00 Dr
                  PRELIMINARY EXPENSES NOT W/OFF271,400.00 Dr
Total Liabilities344,037,905.75 Cr
B/D Balance167,556,629.66 Cr