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Challan DateChallan NumberS.NoProduct NameQuantityPackage descCustomerOrder NumberStatus
10 Oct 2001 DD01100000021ABE 102a10.00 MEGHNA AGENCIESOD0110000030Advice
  2ABE 3310.00    
09 Oct 2001 DD01100000011ABE 102a5.00 TECHNO SYSTEMSOD0110000010Advice
  2ABE 3310.00    
  3ABE 62a22.00    
04 Oct 2001 DD01100000061ABE 102a10.00 TECHNO SYSTEMSOD0110000110Dispatched and Transition
01 Oct 2001 DD01100000051ABE 102a9.00BoxELECTRONIC APPLIANCESOD0110000050Dispatched and Transition
  1ABE 329.00Box   
01 Oct 2001 DD01100000041ABE 3310.00BoxMEGHNA AGENCIESOD0110000020Dispatched and Transition
  1ABE 3215.00Box   
  1ABE 102a10.00Box   
01 Oct 2001 DD01090000011ABE 102a2.00BoxMEGHNA AGENCIESOD0108000270Dispatched and Transition
01 Oct 2001 DD01100000031ABE 52a10.00BoxANIL ELECTRICALSOD0110000040Dispatched and Transition
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